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Why Approved Photographers?

Belmont Mansion is a house museum with priceless and historic art, statuary and antique furnishings. Due to this we must maintain very strict photography guidelines. Elopements of Nashville has gone through rigorous training and is insured to protect and safely work around the restoration projects, artisan-painted hardwood flooring and heirloom pieces of art and furnishings.

Elopements of Nashville provides all photography and videography services for Rich Events at Belmont Mansion.  We require couples to hire our approved photographers in all of our packages with the exception of the Studio Elopement. This requirement insures that all of our ceremonies with guests will have high quality photos taken by photographers who are familiar with all aspects of the museum. This also insures that our Director of Weddings will always have a trained team monitoring the museum at every ceremony. You may not book the Just Married, Getaway, or Getaway Plus elopements without also booking our photographers. Brides, grooms, guests and photographers may not be on property at Belmont to for photos before or after the amount of time in their venue package time. Please review all package and price information on this website. Let us know if you have questions! 

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