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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Where is Belmont Mansion located? 
    Belmont Mansion is located on the campus of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee at the intersection of Acklen Avenue & Belmont Boulevard. We have visitor parking immediatly to the west of our entrance near a gazebo. Additional visitor parking is availavle on Belmont Boulevard near the Lila D. Bunch Library and the Leu Center for Visual Arts, as well as a lot by the Hitch building near Belmont Boulevard and Portland Avenue. Please note that the mansion is on the interior of the univeristy campus and is not visible from Wedgewood Avenue or Magnolia Avenue. Please do not park next door at Morningside at Belmont retirement home. That is not part of the campus. 

  • Are there campus activities or construction projects that might impact my ceremony?
    Yes. Belmont Mansion is an active house museum with constant restoration projects that aim to return the house to its 19th century appearance during the time that the Acklen family lived here. We have had numerous restoration projects in and around the Grand Salon since 2017, and this work will continue in various spaces of the house for the foreseeable future.  Belmont Mansion is surrounded by the campus of Belmont University. Due to our location on the campus, we do not offer outdoor wedding ceremonies. Additionally, there may be large events on campus that affect access to parking. We try to avoid booking weddings or events at the mansion that would overlap with large events on the north side of campus, such as concerts in the Massey Performing Arts Center. 

  • What are the new Tennessee Laws for Wedding Officiants?
    As of Spring 2021, those qualified to officiate wedding ceremonies in Tennessee include judges, notaries public, rabbis, priests and traditionally ordained ministers. (Online ordination is not acceptable.)  

  • Can we get a preview appointment?
    We do not include previews or planning meetings for the Studio, Just Married, Getaway or Getaway Plus Elopements. We will offer one preview or planning meeting for the Friends & Family Elopement . We have extensive photos on our website and on our photographer's websites, along with contracts and other information to help you know what to expect. We welcome calls, emails and text messages. 

  • If your inquiry is after 7:00 PM or before 9:00 AM in the US Central time zone (Monday through Saturday), please send an email only. If your call is on Sunday,  please wait until 2:00 PM US Central time. Feel free to email 24/7. Thank you!

Rev. Brandon Rich

Rich Events - Owner & Officiant

615.305.2021 Business Cell

Mr. Brickey Nuchols

Rich Events - Director of Operations


  • Do you have recommended or required vendors?

Officiants & Coordinators

Rev. Brandon Rich of Rich Events is an ordained and seminary-trained licensed Baptist minister, provides planning and coordination for our various packages. Officiant services and coordination are included and restricted in our bookings. Please contact Rich Events with any questions. 


Approved Photography Company

We require couples to hire our approved photographers in all of our packages with the exception of the Studio Elopement. This requirement insures that all of our ceremonies with guests will have high quality photos taken by photographers who are familiar with all aspects of the museum. This also insures that our Director of Weddings will always have a trained team monitoring the museum at every ceremony. You may not book the Just Married, Getaway, or Getaway Plus without also booking our photographers. 


Elopements of Nashville 

Michael & Michelle Blair


Please note that photo packages must match venue package time. Clients, guests and photographers may not remain on Belmont property beyond the time of client's contact with the venue. This applies to all ceremonies at Belmont Mansion.



 Curry & Company Luxury Floral Design

 Curry McDaniel, Owner & Lead Designer


 2700 Belmont Boulevard. Suite C 

 Nashville, TN 37212

 (615) 385-2402


 A Village of Flowers

 1712 21st Avenue 

 Nashville, TN  37212

 (615) 369-3030


Hair Salon and Attire

            Lulus Wedding Dresses  (Affordable Dresses)       


            Street Tuxedo



             Stitch-It & Co. (Alterations and Custom Apparel) 

             4101 Hillsboro Circle

             Nashville, TN 37215




                         Harlow Salon

                       1027 17th Ave. S.

                       Nashville, TN 37212









               Hilton Garden Inn

               1715 Broadway Avenue

               Nashville, TN 37203



               Union Station Hotel

               1001 Broadway 

               Nashville, TN 37203



Reception Options:

                Maggiano's Little Italy - Nashville 

                Stoney River - Nashville

                Jeff Ruby Steakhouse - Nashville 

                Jimmy Kelly's Steakhouse 


Marriage License:

                Davidson County Clerk (Click here for the website)

                Howard Office Building, Suite 101. 

                700 President Ronald Reagan Way                 

                Nashville, TN 37210


                Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:20 PM (Check their website for the holiday schedule.)​

Please note that you must have a current Tennessee Marriage License in hand before the ceremony. You may not bring an out-of-state Marriage License. Contact the Clerk's office or visit their website for any Marriage License questions. 

  • Does Belmont Mansion allow alcohol and tobacco on the premises at weddings?
    No. Belmont Mansion does not allow the possession or consumption of alcohol on the premises, including the surrounding campus for weddings. All tobacco products are also prohibited in Belmont Mansion and on the surrounding university campus.

  • When do elopements take place?
    All ceremonies larger than the Studio Elopement must take place outside of museum hours. Due to parking considerations and museum tours, ceremonies take place at 5:00 PM or later.  We do not host any ceremonies in our event space during museum tours hours. We do not host any outdoor weddings. 

  • What are the best driving directions to Belmont Mansion?
    For the most accurate driving directions, please use Google Maps and search for Belmont Mansion Visitor Parking.  You may park in the Visitor Parking Lot located just west of Belmont Mansion, next to one of our gazebos. Additional visitor parking is available in the surrounding areas. Please note that our mailing address should not be used in a GPS search. 

  • Where can we tell our guests to park?
    Belmont Mansion events have access to all parking lots and garages on Belmont University's campus, subject to availability. All parking near Belmont Mansion is free of charge. The university has parking lots very near the mansion. A visitor lot adjacent to the home serves Belmont Mansion and Fidelity Hall. Please use Google Maps and search for Belmont Mansion Visitor Parking

  • Do you have a handicap-accessible entrance? 
    Guests needing ramp or elevator access should contact Rich Events in advance of arrival. Elevator access is available in the Jack C. Massey College of Business building immediately east of Belmont Mansion. After business hours the doors to Massey may be located and it is best for an event staff worker to accompany you.

  • Do you accept online payment for weddings?
    We accept online payments via PayPal invoices. If you are ready to make a payment, please contact Rich Events for your personalized invoice. Please do not attempt to send an electronic payment to us on your own. Rich Events will issue an online invoice for you. 

  • Do we need a marriage license?
    Couples who wish to be legally married are responsible for obtaining a Tennessee marriage license prior to their wedding ceremony at Belmont Mansion. Out-of-state marriage licenses are not acceptable. Tennessee marriage licenses require the signatures of both parties getting married (obtained upon application at the clerk’s office) and of the officiant. Tennessee does not require a witness.  Only Tennessee marriage licenses issued up to 30 days prior to the wedding are valid for weddings at Belmont Mansion. Click here for information regarding the Davidson County Clerk's Office. Please note that you are welcome to bring a marriage license from any of the 95 counties in the state of Tennessee. 

  • Are there restrictions regarding who may get married or who may officiate at Belmont Mansion weddings?
    We celebrate and affirm love at Belmont Mansion! We are pleased to provide elopements for all happy couples and their guests. Restrictions at Belmont Mansion are related to the following: officiant, coordinator, photography, video, available dates and times, guest capacity, exclusive vendors, the prohibition of alcohol, prohibition of fireworks and other dangerous items, permissible decorations and other reasonable guidelines.

  • Do you have overnight accomodations at Belmont Mansion?
    No. We do not offer lodging of any form, nor do we have a restaurant or any in-house catering. We are set up as a museum. We host elopements in our Grand Salon for weddings in the evening, after our daily museum tours.  There is no option to spend the night at Belmont Mansion. 

  • Reminders:

  1. Ceremonies are booked on a first come, first served basis. All bookings are secured with a signed contract and payment. 

  2. Belmont Mansion reserves the right to charge additional fees to cover extra staffing costs for weddings on holidays or holiday weekends. Belmont Mansion reserves the right to adjust the rental time at booking due to activities at Belmont Mansion or on the surrounding university campus, which would usually involve a later arrival time and a later exit time.

  3. Belmont Mansion reserves the right to refuse a booking more than 18 months in advance of a prospective rental event.

  4. Belmont Mansion reserves the right to restrict the use of vendors at any time.

  5. Please note that Belmont Mansion is decorated for Christmas from the middle of November (several days before Thanksgiving) until after New Years's Day. We do not take down any of our Christmas decorations for weddings. 

  6. Belmont Mansion is a house museum. At any given time, we may be in the midst of a renovation or restoration project which might impact an event. Please check with the Director of Weddings & Rentals with questions. 

  7. Any issues or questions not covered on the website should be directed to Rich Events. You may reach out to Rev. Brandon Rich at 615.305.2021 or or Mr. Brickey Nuchols at 615.604.0187 or

  • Important Details:

    1. Alcohol is prohibited at Belmont Mansion's weddings and on the surrounding campus of Belmont University. 

    2. Belmont Mansion is an active and popular museum with daily tours until 4:30 PM, so all weddings are only held in the evening. Access to the mansion for weddings begins after daily museum tours with ceremonies scheduled during hours when the mansion is already closed.

    3. Belmont Mansion is surrounded by the campus of Belmont University. The exterior of the mansion and the surrounding campus are a beautiful backdrop or staged bridal photography, but we do not host outdoor ceremonies.

    4. Eloping couples and elopement guests may not be on Belmont's campus before or after their contract time. 

    5. Bridal meetings and previews are not offered for our small elopement bookings. 

    6. The use of tobacco products is prohibited inside the mansion an on the Belmont campus. 

    7. All ceremonies require contract and payment to secure a booking. 

    8. Belmont Mansion is decorated for Christmas from mid-November through early January. The schedule is at the discretion of Belmont Mansion management.

    9. Belmont Mansion no longer offers bookings for large weddings or any wedding receptions (food & beverage) events, but we are happy to provide referral to another venue. 

    10. Please note that Belmont Mansion had a major restoration project in January 2022 to restore the ceiling of the grand Salon. Now that this project is complete, the ceiling is a sky mural. Please keep this in mind when you view pictures online. 

    11. All elopement weddings at Belmont Mansion are officiated and coordinated by Rich Events. Outside officiants and coordinators are not allowed.

    12. All photography at elopements at Belmont Mansion is restricted to our approved photography company, Elopements of Nashville. Please use the contact information that we provide here on the website and on our reservation forms and contracts.

    13. Ceremonies with guests at Belmont Mansion are scheduled outside of our daily museum tour hours. Due to the private and brief nature of the Studio Elopement, it may be scheduled at virtually any time of the day, provided Rich Events has availability. The Just Married Elopement, Getaway Elopement, Getaway Plus Elopement and Friends & Family Elopement may be booked after daily museum tours, based on availability. 

    14. All ceremonies at Belmont Mansion are scheduled and booked in advance by appointment only. Drop-in ceremonies are not possible due to scheduling and staffing issues.

    15. Belmont Mansion and the surrounding campus maintains a no-alcohol and no-smoking/no-tobacco policy. 

    16. Please note that Belmont Mansion reserves the right to restrict which days of the week and specific dates that will be made available for elopement weddings based on expected market demand for larger traditional weddings and other events.​

    17. For detailed information, please read the rental contracts on this website or contact Rich Events via email 24/7.  You may call or text between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM in the Central time zone Monday - Saturday and from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM on Sundays at 615.604.0187. 

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